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Retail Store Floors with Decorative Concrete

The floor design is one of the most important features in a retail store, even if it is often overlooked. However, retail store floors should not be ignored simply because it goes unnoticed by employees and customers. Leaving the commercial store floors neglected and unprotected can bring attention to it sooner than you would prefer. This could lead to safety hazards that are bad for your business. Our decorative concrete services will not only beautify your business but also eliminate hazards that result in costly repairs.

Epoxy Coatings for Retail Store Flooring

One of the most important applications for any retail flooring system is the use of epoxy coatings. Using epoxy applies a strong bond that is necessary before installing decorative concrete. The coating creates a non-slippery surface that is the ideal solution for high traffic areas.
Maintaining polished, decorative flooring is necessary for retail store floors. You want to create a beautiful atmosphere. However, you do not want to invest an excessive amount of money and time to keep a fresh look daily. Our answer to this is concrete overlays and self-leveling concrete. We can install self-leveling concrete if there is significant damage or unevenness on the floor.
Concrete overlays are an added benefit for decorative style. Your floor can have the look of sturdy granite or marble without the costly maintenance. We can also add a work-of-art by using decorative concrete stains and dyes. Concrete polishing adds a unique finishing touch in your retail store. The colors infuse with the concrete to fit with the structure of the retail store floors. The combination of durability, beauty, and easy maintenance makes or decorative concrete service your flooring choice.