Most of us are pretty familiar with concrete. From the time of the Roman Empire, concrete has been an indispensable part of the human world. But most of us have no idea how versatile this material actually is.

The most towering skyscrapers on the planet are made of concrete. Concrete can also serve many purposes in your home, both as structure and as decoration. Here are seven uses for concrete you may not have considered:

     1. Walls and Beams

Do you want to add a unique flair to your home? Try adding decorative concrete walls and beams. Concrete can mimic the look of stone or wood, or you can leave it plain.


      2.    Fire Pit

Whether it’s part of your patio or a stand-alone installation, concrete is the natural choice for making a fire pit. A concrete fire pit isn’t just stylish; it makes your yard a beautiful, comfortable place to relax, even when the weather gets chilly.


3.    Water Feature

Concrete is virtually impervious to water damage. In fact, some kinds of concrete get even stronger underwater. If you want a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, few things are more soothing than the sound of flowing water. Anything from a simple fountain to an elaborate pond and stream is within your reach with concrete.


4.    Planters

You can build concrete planters that look like concrete, or you can give your concrete the look of stone or even wood. The best part is that concrete structures can withstand the ravages of time better than nearly any other material.


5.    Countertops and Sink

Concrete is a fantastic medium for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Sealed concrete countertops are seamless, durable, and nonporous. You can finish them in any color, luster, and texture. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, concrete is the first substance to consider. Because it’s waterproof and easy to form, concrete is also the perfect material for your sink. With virtually no maintenance beyond a periodic resealing, concrete will last for as long as your house stands.


6.    Furniture and Accessories

Most people would never think of concrete as a material to build furniture, but it actually works. Concrete is endlessly versatile, and you can finish it in many different ways. A concrete tabletop is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, no matter what the weather does.


What’s the best way to accessorize your concrete table? How about with a concrete candlestick and a set of concrete napkin rings? You can even get a concrete vase and decorative bowl for a unique centerpiece.


7.    Fireplace

Brick may be the most traditional fireplace material, but a concrete fireplace can be stylish and practical. You can finish it to blend into the walls or stand out and make a bold statement. Either way, a concrete fireplace is a great choice.



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