We have been transforming concrete into beautiful floors since 2000

We can work with you or your contractor to make the concrete in your new or existing home look amazing. 

Concrete Polishing

Artisan Design & Finishing, LLC offers Mount Horeb, Wisconsin consumers top of the line diamond concrete polishing contractor products and services. Our company specializes in the proper treatment and finishing of existing or newly poured concrete floors. Our expertise in creating beautiful, durable diamond polished concrete floors have us a leader in the Wisconsin diamond concrete polishing contractor business. If you are looking for polished concrete flooring experts, epoxy floor painter, or moisture vapor barrier contractors, Artisan Design & Finishing, LLC can do it all.

Polished Concrete Floors

From dull and unfinished to a beautiful polish. We can bring out the best in your concrete floors. Concrete overlays are an added benefit for decorative style. Your floor can have the look of sturdy granite or marble without the costly maintenance. We can also add a work-of-art by using decorative concrete stains and dyes.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Artisan Design and Finishing, LLC is an epoxy installer serving clients in the Madison, Wisconsin local area. We can install various floor systems with cost-effective solutions. Epoxy flooring provides a strong stain resistant surface that can withstand the heaviest traffic. It might require little maintenance but some prudence needs to be exercised so that it keeps its good attributes for longer. The other good thing though about epoxy floor coats have to do with versatility and if you should get tired of the same floor, all you need to do is cover the epoxy coated layer with concrete and do what you want – unlike other flooring materials that need to be peeled and stripped away.